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  • Superman – Ride of Steel

    25 Scariest Roller Coasters That Can Send Chills Down Your Spine

    25.Rebel Yell The main attraction of an amusement park is its ride and food. The owners of these parks keep on finding ways to make these rides higher, faster, and scarier. So, if you are fun loving and have what it takes to ride on these Scariest roller coasters, then fasten your seat-belts and get […] More

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    7 Pranks That Costed Lives!

    Teens Covers STOP Sign with Saran Wrap, Kills Two Women Image source: It’s all about games and fun until somebody gets injured. But when somebody gets hurt in the interest of some funny prank, then it’s not a matter of laughter. Here are some dreadful pranks where a little mischief turned into a tragedy— Ever […] More