10 Filling Foods for Weight Loss You Should Add to Your Diet


Are you trying to follow one particular diet and your stomach always feels hungry? There are chances that you’re selecting wrong food products as counting calories is not sufficient. Include some nutritious and filling food items in your diet given below that won’t hike your weight but will surely help in losing few pounds and will keep you happy and satisfied.

1. Eggs


This was so much confusion about eggs raising the cholesterol levels, but it’s absolutely safe. And the good news is they can actually help in losing weight. Studies reviewed that those who eat eggs in there breakfast consume around 33o fewer calories as compared to those who eat toasts, cereals, bagels in their first meal. Eggs are known to be the best superfood which contains complete protein i.e. 9 essential amino acids in 1 single egg. Because of these amino acids appetite is suppressed and also, it tells your body and brain that you’re full. Eggs are so versatile, can be prepared in breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

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