7 Pranks That Costed Lives!


  1. Teens Covers STOP Sign with Saran Wrap, Kills Two Women
Teens Covers STOP Sign with Saran Wrap, Kills Two WomenImage source:

It’s all about games and fun until somebody gets injured. But when somebody gets hurt in the interest of some funny prank, then it’s not a matter of laughter.

Here are some dreadful pranks where a little mischief turned into a tragedy—

Ever heard of plastic wrap prank? Tow Ohio teens, Derek Greenlee and Seth Stonerock would often post or upload videos on Facebook. In August 2011, they posted a prank where they covered the STOP sign with plastic wrap until it was illegible. That afternoon, two sisters, Mary Sprangler (85-year-old) and Jeanna Shae (80-year-old) didn’t notice the STOP sign and were later hit by an SUV. Both sisters lost their lives in this fatal accident due to severe injuries.

2. Shooting A Friend With A Fake Gun

 Shooting A Friend With A Fake GunImage source:
3.  Chasing Vandals, A Local Fireman Died

In Alabama, a group of teenagers decided to go out and roll houses with toilet papers for enjoyment. After completing this prank in a couple of houses, they moved to the home of a newlywed local fireman, James Luther McRae. Seeing the teenagers, McRae thought they have come to his house with the intention of robbery. The teens after seeing him, got into their vehicles and fled away. The fireman started to chase them to get the license plate number, but unfortunately, he lost control of his pickup truck , drove through a fence and as he was not wearing the belt, he ended up ejecting out of the vehicle to die at the scene.

Chasing Vandals, A Local Fireman DiedImage source:
  1. Teen Hit The Wrong Vehicle

In 2006, three teens were egging cars, where one of the teens hit the wrong jeep. Michael Sr. was the driver of that jeep and the father of Michael Shane Gross Jr. who was sitting with him in the jeep. After the incident, Michael Sr. stopped the vehicle and started chasing those teens. In the meanwhile, his son, stepped out of his jeep with 0.9mm pistol and shot the teens, in which, Danny Crawford, one of the teen, died on the spot.

Teen Hit The Wrong VehicleImage source:

 5. Over Stolen Balloon, Business Owner Shoots The Teen

This incident took place in 1992, in Alaska where the students of Service High School in Anchorage participated in the scavenger hunt- a long-standing tradition. Clyde Thompson was one amongst them who participated in the event with his friends. They had to collect a helium balloon from Lo-Mark furniture store as a part of the game. When Clyde Thompson and his friends were climbing the store, the owner of the shop came out of his store and started firing warning shots to frighten them away however, one shot hit Clyde and results in his death.

Over Stolen Balloon, Business Owner Shoots The TeenImage source:
  1. Teen Accidentally Kills Himself

Halloween prankster, Jordan Morlan ended his life when he was trying to scare his little sister by hanging from a noose in the tree. This incident happened in 2013 when he was hanging the decorations outside the house. He was known to play these types of pranks on his sister. Therefore, after this incident, when his sister told her mother, she ignored it first. But when she said that he was drooling, her mother rushed outside the house and saw him hanging from the tree. She got him down, but Jordan Morlan was dead.

Teen Accidentally Kills HimselfImage source:
  1. Dressing Up As The Legendary, Hit By Scared Driver

Many people get a kick out of dressing up in order to impersonate a legend. By doing so they try to entertain or scare others. But can such pranks result in death? In 2012, Randy Tenley decided to dress up in a way to scare those passing by. But unfortunately, when he scared two teens, they run over their vehicle over him thinking that they were getting rid of a monster thereby resulting in the tragic incident. Not to mention, he died there and then.

Dressing Up As The Legendary, Hit By Scared DriverImage source:

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