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  • 20 destination

    20 Best Destinations to Beat The Summer Heat

    20. Miami Selecting the best holiday destination for yourself is a tedious job, especially when you are looking for the one, where you can find some respite from the scorching sun in summers. That’s exactly the reason why we have done the homework and compiled a list of summer holiday destination just for you. Here […] More

  • McLaren Hypercar

    Sneak Peek of 39 Vehicles To Arrive in 2019

    39. Aston Martin DBX Each year car enthusiasts eagerly wait for the new models to hit the market. Here, we present a list of some amazing cars that are going to be launched in 2019. A brand new DBX is to be launched by Aston Martin in 2019, but the release date is currently unknown. […] More

  • 2008 Maybach Exelero

    20 Rarest Cars in the World

    20. 2009 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita If rarity in the designs, specifications, and performance of the cars is to be measured on the scale of 20 to 1, this article about the “20 Rarest Cars in the World” will definitely hold your interest. Certain cars are not just manufactured to serve the desires of the common, […] More

  • online games

    Try these 20 Amazing Online Games to Enjoy on Your PC

    #20 Escape Goat Check out the list of 20 best games that are popular on the Internet. These games are mostly played online by youngsters. No special skills or knowledge is required to play online games. Here is the list. Trigger the switches and move the walls, which give you a way to the safe […] More

  • The Cook Islands

    30 Amazing Islands That Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

    # 30 Capri, Italy: Whether you are up for a mini getaway, a life-time adventure, or an exotic family vacation, these picturesque islands will give everything you have ever dreamt of. Check out our list of the 30 best islands in the world that are worth spending your money and time. Celebrity sightings are common […] More

  • Cover Image

    23 Ugliest Cars Ever Built

    23- MINI Countryman Every year the automotive industry creates a number of car models. But, in the race to create the most amazing car model, automobile companies, at times, end up offering something, which can be deemed as “a complete mess.” Here, we present a list of several ugliest cars of all times that you […] More

  • Fontana Swarovski, Innsbruck, Austria

    20 Most Beautiful Fountains in the World

    20. Fountain Julie Penrose, Colorado Springs, USA Fountains are the best architectural gifts to mankind, the glances of which bring a smile to our face. These fountains are enlisted amongst the best tourist attractions of the world. Created in 2007 by David Barber, the Julie Penrose Fountain resembles a part of the spiral and consists […] More

  • Sabah beach – Malaysia

    Top 30 Gorgeous Beaches with the Clearest Waters

    30. Dreamland Beach – Indonesia All it takes to refresh your body and mind is a good day staring off into a tranquil blue sea. To help you explore your inner peace, and catch a few waves while you’re at it, we have presented a list of some of the gorgeous beaches with the clearest […] More

  • Cadillac

    Top 20 Most Luxurious Cars

    # 20: Lincoln:  There is no way you can deny the presence of a great luxurious car whether on a road or in your building’s parking. Our extensive list features the world’s most luxurious cars that are both amazingly comfortable, and always are a pleasure to drive.  The Lincoln MKZ is among the top luxury cars […] More

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