Privacy Policy

Personal Data

When you use this site, we require your personal information like name, contact details, locations, gender along with your username with the password for registration. If required, we may also gather some information from the third parties who have your consent to pass on the information.

After sharing your personal details on the site, any information that you will be adding to your profile in the form of blogs or forums can be viewed by other users also.

Why do we require your Personal Data That is Collected on the site

The information that is collected on Loloops is not shared with the third parties, who can approach you for their marketing. But the information that is received by us is used for revert you back with the answers to your questions, for providing troubleshooting, for letting you know of services that we offer on the site and to interact with you regarding the usage of the site.

Your personal information will help us for customization of the site, for providing contacts as required by the individuals, and for providing you with impressive services.

Moreover, this data or information is also collected for keeping internal records that may include aggregate statistics of Internet and anonymous containing the details of the visitors.

For the analysis and market research, for administrative and risk management purpose and also for monitoring, your details may be used. Your personal details will help us send you advertisements according to your interest and to get on the call with you for the purpose of customer satisfaction.

You do not need to worry about your personal information being shared with any third parties other than the ones that are mentioned in the privacy policy. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your consent or if its required to follow the law or any order of government body.

Your information may only be shared with any third party if it acquires some or all the part of our business.

International Transfer of Data

Your personal information that is collected by us can be transferred to data processors, hosting partners or vendors of third parties that are working on our behalf in the outskirts of the country, to know as to what we do with the personal data.

Many countries outside India may not be able to provide the same kind of data protection that we do. This collection, of your personal data and its storage will be safe and protected by this privacy statement. Not only this, we will provide protection to all your personal information in the area where we process it.

Access and Amend Your Information
You can make changes regarding your personal information on the display. Correction or any update of information can be done according to you at any time.

Your Choices
You are also provided with the choice of not submitting your personal information while visiting the site, but with this, we might not be able to provide you with some of our important services. You will have a control on the notifications and communications that we will be sending you.


We do not disclose your personal information or IP address but reports, aggregate statistics about the ads’ performance, metrics can be shared with users or publishers of advertisements for keeping a track of the number of unique views of users, their demographics and the information regarding date and time.

Publishers and advertisers are only allowed by us on your site to use Pixels for getting information about the ads’ content or performance.

Third Party Sharing (Anonymized and Aggregated Data)
We may have to share information with third parties regarding subject analysis and for market research. The information that is shared does not disclose any identity of any particular individual.

Information Security
For the security of your data and to safeguard it we have to set electronic, physical, and managerial procedures. We want to make sure that your personal information remains safe and secure with us.

Your Control Over Personal Data and Access to It
According to the Data Protection Act 1998, you may be asked for your personal details or can be asked to change your details in case they are wrong, missing or are not complete.

You are provided with a choice of restricting the usage of your personal data. When you are asked by us to fill a form or find cookie settings, then regarding the usage of your personal information for marketing or other purposes, you can tell us your preference.

In case, earlier you have already accepted a cookie and want to change it now, you can easily do it by just going to the cookie settings and change it.

You can even set your browsers for the notification of cookies. You may also block them from your browser. You can even choose whether you want your personal data to be used for promotional emails or any such activity that is created on choice.