8 Period Myths We Need to Understand


We all know it that talking about blood may make everybody little shy, so here we are to clear out some things about menstruation.

Myth 1: women are always on that time of the month.

Myth 1 women are always on that time of the month

Ok! So let’s make this very clear that women’s menstrual cycle and periods are two different things. Menstruation is the time when women actually bleeds and menstrual cycle is the time from 1 period starting to next period. Usually, it is spread that women menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, but that’s an average calculation. It is different for everyone like some women cycle last for longer time while some women cycles are much shorter. Conditions such as weight fluctuation, travel, medication and emotion everything affects when period occurs.

So, saying that women are always on that time of month is not appreciated. Every women have their unique menstrual cycle and every period is different for every women.

Myth 2: it’s fine to let go your feelings when you’re on periods.


There are plenty of physical changes in women’s body while they are on their periods. In the beginning of their periods, when they’re PMSing, their estrogen levels drop and progesterone level increases. Estrogen is related to serotonin which is a happy hormone while progesterone is related to brain which causes anxiety, fear and depression. All the effects of hormones on their mood are little complicated and progesterone can depress your emotions but it also has mood balancing effects.

It can be attractive to say that these changes in moods are just because of hormones, but these changes by hormones are real. It happens on monthly basis for women’s and it doesn’t negate their feelings.

Myth 3: period pain is just like normal pain


The period pain is real. It’s not only about headaches or hitting in sharp corners but some women have to take a day off and rest in bed, hoping that these pinching cramps will calm down as they are that bad. This condition has a medical name called as dysmenorrhea. In fact, there are 20% women who have dysmenorrhea which is severe to interface in their personal activities. This affects their ability to concentrate, can make them downright unpleasant and makes them more anxious.

So, no it’s not like normal pain or anything you have experienced before. You can try different and effective home remedies for menstrual cramps.

Myth 4: hormones define women


When we talk about hormones, women have been associated and called as hormonal for long time. Also, some men have equated women’s feeling with hysteria just like an illness to explain women behavior, but everyone has hormones including men and nobody likes to mess with them. Women accept all these side effects with birth control, even if they somewhat harm their well-being.

Myth 5: period blood is dirty blood


Period blood is not body flushing away all toxins or rejected body fluids. It is vaginal secretion as there is little blood, mucus lining, uterine tissue and bacteria. And it doesn’t change if you want to have sex or not, and it doesn’t mean situation is less than ideal in that area.

Period blood is different from normal blood which moves through your veins. This blood is less concentrated and has few blood cells as compared to normal blood.

Myth 6: periods are personal issue


Periods are humanitarian crisis. In 2014, UN declared that the menstrual hygiene was public health issue. Many humans don’t have access to proper resources, hygiene and support which they need for periods. In India, girls has to miss their school for 1-2 days every month because of periods, which affects their future and education.

Myth 7: every women gets periods


Not every women gets periods and not every female consider them as women who even get their periods. Transgender men may get their periods, while transgender women might not get their periods. Menstruation is not always about women’s. It is a human issue.

Myth 8: periods are shameful


If people stop thinking that they are shameful, gross and dirty, then it would not be humanitarian crisis. But talking about past, there is a long history of embarrassment which needs to overcome. It is well established in everyone’s behavior. We don’t need to whisper about wanting a tampon from friend or hiding a tampon in our bags. Periods are normal.

Let’s do some things to change these myths and ditch all the stigma, as these periods help in balancing the hormones and helps us stay young. Honestly, periods help body to slow aging and reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases.

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