Billboard Music Awards 2019: Weird and Awkward Moments


It was a night to remember at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. A lot went on inside the show and there were some super awkward and funny moments as the show kicked off.. Have a look.

1. Julianne Hough got hit by a hat thrown by Paula Abdul during her performance.

2. Looks like Cardi B couldn’t get enough of the rapper Offset and licked him on the red carpet.

Billboard Music Awards 2019

3. Sofia Carson is probably looking for more fame and thats why she crashed the BTS’ pics.

4. Drake called out for Arya From GoT.. That’s was sweet but we fear that now she is doomed because of the ‘Drake Curse”.. Anyone Drake supports has an unfortunate outcome.

Billboard Music Awards 2019

5. Cardi B has an wardrobe malfunction at the red carpet.

6. Madonna called the show “American Billboards Awards” by mistake

Billboard Music Awards 2019

7. And then she ridiculed them for not honoring them

Billboard Music Awards 2019

8. The social Artist Award was handed to BTS on the red carpet itself and not on the stage.

9. Taylor Swift performed exactly same like Beyonce’s Coachella performance.


10. Namjoon ignored the handshake by Sway.. Accidentally!

11. And Joe Jonas was in hot soup.. he met his ex Taylor Swift hours before getting hitched to Sophie Turner.

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