20 Wrong Number Texts That Seemed Too Right To Be Wrong


How many texts do you get in a day? 20 or 30 or probably more than that. Okay, how many of these are from the people you know? Very few, right? For instance, in my case, I mostly get promotional messages, apart from a few one-liners kinds of texts from my mom, brother, or other family members. So, what if you got a text from a number that is completely unknown to you?

Well, getting texts from a wrong number is, most of the times awkward, irritating too, sometimes. Usually, what we do is, either ignore or reply in a hurry with a ‘wrong number’ text. However, they can be pretty interesting if replied appropriately. Here, we have a collection of 20 wrong number texts that seemed just too right to be wrong. Take a look and let us know your views.

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